We, at FREMONT Marine Services LLC are engaged in the business of Servicing, Calibration, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance of Electrical, Instrumentation Systems, Marine Fire Fighting Equipment, Marine Life Saving and Launching Appliance for Oil & Gas Field, Industrial and Marine Fields. Our commitment is to fully satisfy and exceed the expectations of our Customers by setting the highest standards possible for the provision of Innovative Technical Expertise and Quality of Service in a safe manner.

  • Evaluate IMS issues in all business strategies and initiatives
  • Abide by applicable IMS regulations and obligations
  • Incorporate suitable techniques for continuous IMS improvement
  • Prevention of injury, ill health and pollution to the environment
  • Educate, train and motivate employees and ensure that a continuous professional development strategy remains core to our business goals
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace and working environment to our employees
  • Availability of adequate resources, facilities and equipment as necessary for effective implementation of IMS
  • Comply with company code of conduct and hold every one accountable for their roles and responsibilities
  • Preventing personal injuries, property loss, incidents are an integral part of our business activities, thus significantly contributing to the ultimate profitability of FMS
  • Completion of projects on time within the budget and as per applicable legal requirements as well as satisfying customer requirements consistently and cost effectively
  • Periodically review the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of IMS

FMS leadership is committed to continual improvement of IMS performance. This policy will be communicated and made understood to all interested parties and will be available to the public by a suitable media of communication.

Date: Aug 20, 2020