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FREMONT MARINE’s commitment is to offering a sense of relaxation to our clients both offshore and onshore. Marine life can be unpredictable and cagey, which could lead to harmful and unpleasant events. Established in 2015 with a vision to providing marine services, safety and survival systems to different shipping companies. Our organisation believe in trust, reliability and partnership, which are vital for the industry we operate in. FREMONT Marine’s services today has a network spanning over 11 port’s along the coast of the United Arab Emirates and expanding coasts of Shanghai and Singapore soon.

We strive to create safe and secure working environments by supplying and servicing the best-in-class safety and survival systems that enable businesses freedom at sea and onshore. We offer our clients marine services with peace of mind as trustworthy partners by providing quality products and taking care of their assets. We translate the complexity of safety standards into simple solutions for your business.

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United Arab Emirates

FREMONT MARINE’s commitment is of offering our clients peace of mind at sea, offshore, and onshore. We believe in reliability, trust, and partnership, which are vital for the industry we operate in. Established in 2015 with a vision to save lives through timely delivery of quality marine safety and survival systems, FREMONT Marine today has a network spanning over 11 port’s along the coast of the United Arab Emirates.

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United States of America

Our marine services in the USA offer comprehensive solutions for all your maritime needs. From vessel maintenance and repair to navigational assistance and logistical support, we ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Fremont Marine Services

Life Boats & Davits

Fremont Marine provides the best lifeboat service in UAE. We offer highly qualified engineers who inspect & repair Lifeboats Davits & Winch System.

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Inflatable Liferafts

Our Inflatable Liferafts services are approved by major maritime administrations worldwide. We never compromise on providing quality work.

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Load Testing

Several objects are used for this type of testing, and Fremont marine can perform the load test via multiple other objects.

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Fire Fighting Appliances

Fremont provides the best Fire Fighting Appliances in UAE. We offer high-quality Fire Fighting systems, portable fire extinguishers, alarm systems for ships.

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Automation and Calibration Service

Fremont provides the best Automation Services In UAE. We offer top calibration instrumentation for pressure, temperature, multiple portable gas detectors.

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Safety Equipment Supply

Fremont provides the best Safety Equipment Supply in UAE. We offer a wide range of Best Survival Equipment & LSA & FFA products & services to assist your needs for safer operation.

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Our Core Values

Delivering satisfactory, sustainable financial performance for our shareholders. Providing reliable, professional, and innovative marine services to our customers. Providing safe, healthy, and secure work environments and rewarding career paths. Encourage teamwork and empower individuals to grow and be leaders in their fields.