Automation Services In UAE

Fremont provides the best Automation Services In UAE. We offer top calibration instrumentation for pressure, temperature, multiple portable gas detectors.

Automation services and Calibration services are these services that prove to be cost-effective for any shipping company, and the worried stake and shareholders of shipping companies are fully satisfied with such services being rendered. Especially now that the world is moving towards digitalization, these services can be less stressful and cost-effective. Receiving orders from customers automatically and their fulfillment is possible through such services. Ultimately these services lead to much more progressive results. Through our automation services, Calibration services, temperatures of tanks, alarm systems, and sewage treatment systems are being operated regularly, and our clients never leave dissatisfied. The concept of automation services reduces the burden on the labor force. Thus, a much smaller labor force is required compared to the vintage shipping companies back in the day.

Calibration Services In UAE

Such services detect any flaw or inaccuracy present in the shipping instrument/equipment of our valued clients. To reach the height of success for any shipping company, focusing on calibration services and their implementation is very much necessary. Flaws or any inaccuracy so detected by Fremont will be based on a pre-set standard. Any adjustment required in the equipment or instrument will then be adjusted. Finally, the calibration services will be put forward in the best of fashion. Multiple other tests are carried out through the help of a wide range of gas detectors as such gages, if released, will pollute marine life, which is a source of food for many. Calibration services make sure to check the safety as well as accuracy in any ship and address the desired result for it. Fremont offers the best calibration services and all marine services and fire fighting appliances for its customers.

Automation Services

  •  Fire Alarm System Conventional and Addressable
  • Fixed Gas Detection Systems
  • 15 PPM Monitors and Oily Water Separators
  • ODME systems
  • Cargo Tank Temperature & Pressure Monitoring System
  • Bilge Alarm System
  • Tank Level Gauging Systems
  • Cargo Control & IG Systems
  • Alarm System
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Oil Mist Detection System
  • Temperature Monitoring System
  • Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Generator Controls and Panels
  • Sewage Treatment System

Calibration Services

  • Single and Multiple Portable
    Gas Detectors
  • Alcohol Testers
  • UTI Gauging Tapes
  • Flowmeter and Flow Transmitters
  • Pressure and Temperature Gauges
  • Pressure and Temperature Transmitters
  • Pressure and Temperature Chart Recorders
  • Pressure Safety Valves
  • Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Portable Electrical Measuring & Testing Instruments
  • Electrical Panel Meters
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Dialgauges, Bore gauges
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Electronic Weighing Scale
  • Barometers
  • Coating Thickness Instruments
  • Tacho meters
  • Sound level meters
  • Anemometers