Which is the best fire fighting equipment ?

fire fighting equipment

Which is the best fire fighting equipment?

Fire is one of the major causes of accidents on board ships. Sea traveling is exciting yet can be dangerous if you do not have fire fighting systems with you. These Fire Fighting Appliances assist you with any emergencies. You can be traveling all over the sea, but if you are traveling without any precautions, you can face some harmful consequences. You can spend your day with your friends and family to make your trip more exciting and fun. Accidents on ships frequently happen, which puts it in danger to travel on ships.

Fire fighting systems help you in any case onboard a ship. If there is a sudden fire eruption, the appliances can help you extinguish it before it turns into a catastrophic situation. In case of a fire emergency, it is mandatory to check if the ship meets all the requirements and is equipped with essential fire fighting systems. At the same time, the crew should also know about the crucial safety to take all the passengers to a secure place.

Why is it important to have the best fire fighting systems?

The crew should have the best fire fighting equipment systems in case of an emergency. Ships carry combustible cargo like oil, petrol. Safety comes first in every situation, and the opposite of fire is a significant thing. The safety of passengers can be made possible by having fire-fighting equipment. The equipment is essential to provide emergency assistance in challenges.

The passengers and cargo ships must be fully aware of these fire fighting systems. A well-equipped crew must contain all the reliable tools and other devices. The importance of fire fighting equipment is a crucial one to ensure maximum protection against fire. This equipment also ensures the safety of the fighters who risk their lives to protect the passengers and cargo.

Small tools that assist to control fire:

The small tools are beneficial as they assist the big fire fighting systems in controlling the fire eruption. You will find the best small tools, including:

  • Drip torch equipment and parts
  • Fire shelters
  • Spanner and wrenches
  • Fire axes
  • Hoes
  • Shovels
  • Accessories and replacement parts

Common negligence results in fire eruption:

Malfunction in the machine:

The fire in the ships usually happens due to the heavy and complex machinery. Boiler rooms with fuel pipes are one of the causes as they require running the machinery. Therefore a fire can result in a machinery malfunction or a leak of fuel pipes in the area. The leak of the pipes and the exhausted gases can contribute to the fire eruption on board.

Lack of training in the crew:

The fire requires heat, air, and fuel to combust. The presence of fire fighting systems is not enough, and it also needs the best crew to cope with the situation. The crew’s negligence on the ship can contribute to the fire eruption; therefore, the fire can quickly get out of hand. Hence, the crew members must have the proper training to deal with the fire breakout.

Old fire fighting systems:

One of the causes of the significant fire eruption on ships is old fire fighting systems. Equipment like fire extinguishers don’t have expiry dates, but they perform their functions less efficiently and become less effective with time. Using outdated appliances can cause the fire to get worse and cause damage to everything. Therefore it is necessary to keep all the devices maintained and updated.

The best fire fighting systems:

Fire extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are one of the critical fire fighting systems. Every ship should contain fire extinguishers to control the fire. The portable fire extinguishers are one of the most favorite as they are handy and can extinguish the fire in less time. The appliance’s installation must be necessary for all the ships to protect life and property in case of emergency.

Fire hoses and nozzles:

Fire hoses are essential for fire fighting systems to control significant fires. A fire hose is a long pipe to carry water or foam to extinguish the fire. These fire hoses directly connect to the main water supply as they are 10 meters enough to put off the fire on the ship. The well-trained crew can easily use fire hoses and change the nozzle depending upon the fire.

Fire fighting blankets:

Fire fighting blankets are essential to prevent the fire from spreading. They are one of the critical fire fighting systems. The big fire-fighting blankets covered the fire and cut the oxygen supply. Hence the fire doesn’t spread. It results in reducing or extinguishing the fire completely.

Fire alarm:

all the ships must have fire alarms among fire fighting systems. It is the first and essential step to have against the fire eruption.  The fire alarm alerts everyone on the ship about the fire. It detects the fire and alerts everyone onboard. In addition, it helps people to evacuate in emergencies.

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