What Actions To Take In Case There Is An Oil Spills On Board?

Oil Spills On Board The Ship

Oil spills on board the ship are one of the most dangerous things. Oil pollution is specifically considered the most significant damage to the marine environment due to the nature and chemicals involved in oil. Oil spills are very hazardous as it affects the marine system and as well as it acts as the biggest threat to marine life. Oil is one of the most abundant and dangerous pollutants in the ocean.

Oil spills on board the ship occur accidentally. It has become the most dreaded accident without any doubts. It is a severe issue as they can inflict a lot of damage. If the ship is carrying oil as cargo, it is essential to be fully prepared for any accident. An oil spill can lead to fire eruptions as well, which is a dangerous act as well. Being already equipped with all the necessary measures can reduce the chances of an accident.

What Is An Oil Spill Kit?

The best way to tackle an oil spill onboard the ship is to use an oil spill kit. It comes with the necessary time to counter the spilled oil on the boat. It comes in various sizes and is available according to the area covered by oil. It is essential to have the oil spill kit on board to cope with any horrible situation. The oil spills vary with the severity and the extent of the damage they cause. Before the oil spills on board the ship affect the cargo or passenger, an oil spill kit can help to wipe out excessive oil.

Oil Spills On Board

What Is In The Oil Spill Kit?

An oil spill contains the following necessary items to clean the oil from the ship and absorb the spill and eliminate the residue:

  1. Absorbent mats
  2. Dustpans
  3. Protective overalls
  4. Waste bags
  5. Oil splash goggles
  6. Rubber or vinyl gloves
  7. Rubber or vinyl shoes
  8. Hardcover hats
  9. Absorbent powders
  10. Absorbent socks

The oil spill kit is specially designed to ensure that the spill is no longer on the floor and is cleaned efficiently. The kits are available according to the requirements with different levels of absorbency. The absorbent mats soak up the excess oil and other necessary cleaning items during oil spills on board the ship. However, the most significant benefit of the kit is the safety and security it brings to the cargo, people traveling, and people handling or working on the ship.

In sudden situations, an oil spill kit is an answer to tackle the problem immediately.

Oil Spills On Board

Types Of Oil Spills

There are two types of oil spills on board the ship:

  • There is no chance of the spilled oil going overboard.
  • There is a maximum chance of spilled oil going overboard, and it’s the most dangerous one.

 Oil Spills On Board The Ship:

There are two situations where the oil spills over the deck and goes overboard, which causes marine pollution, leaving the marine life dead:

  • Overflow of the oil from internal transfers through a vent or surrounding pipes of the tank.
  • Spilling of oil during bunker operation or sludge discharge operation.

Points To Avoid Accidents:

The following points are essential to keep in mind during the oil spills on board the ship:

  • Identify The Substance And Determine The Risk:

The in charge of the ship should check all the hazardous substances and containers: the positioning, handling, quantity, and potential danger. And calculate if the threat is life-threatening.

Protect Yourself

Once it is fully figured out that the oil is manageable, protect the cleaning team with necessary things in the kit, involving a suit, respirators, gloves, goggles, etc., to protect yourself from oil spills on board.

Check The HSIP (Highway Safety Improvement Program) And Stop The Spill:

Check all the necessary sources of oil and try to stop the oil spill of the onboard ship from its source. Turn off the valve or knobs or use any leak stopper product.

Scupper Must Be Plugged Before Bunkering

Plugged the scupper into the source before starting any operation; if the oil spills on board ship recheck the plug.

Fire Extinguisher Must Be Available

A foam fire portable extinguisher must be available to avoid any fire situation through the oil spills on board the ship. It should be available around the necessary sources of oil.

Limit The Spread And Exposure Of Oil

Limit the spread and exposure of oil spills on board the ship by containing the liquid. Utilize the correct equipment and proper sorbents. These things will help to limit the oil in a particular area and stop the spread.

Minimize The Risk

Check all the necessary points of an oil discharge, and a man should present during the transfer of oil of cargo. And immediately stop the supply to avoid oil spills on board the ship.


Clean the spill by adequately cleaning the ship, cleaning crew, and equipment.

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