Just like any other marine service providing company, Fremont also focuses on the 100% satisfaction of its customers. The quality that separates us from others is our vast range of products and the fulfilment of our duties on time. This way our customers are fully satisfied, also they have a variety of products to choose from. The oceans can prove to be deadly at times and the weather around such waters is always unpredictable. This deadly weather can be a cause of major accidents and misfortunes therefore, Fremont focuses on the safety and security of its clients.

Our team of professionals makes sure to keep an “eye on the tiger” for any loopholes in our client’s security services and guides them about the latest technologies and their usage. The teams working leave a positive impact on the clients and they are never dissatisfied.

The ships leave the shores fully equipped and the crew members feel relaxed as our equipment guarantees a safe and sound environment. Not just a safe environment but also in an event of a mishap, our products tend to make sure full proof of the passengers as well as the crew of the ship.

Our effective yet cost-effective products and services are one of a kind. The clients do not consider our services to be a burden on their pockets and feel free to keep the regular check-ups and auditing of their vessels to continue based on their packages whether annually or a 5-year one. We make sure to go along with the following safety and preventive elements to ensure total safety at the shores:

  • Accident prevention kits/liferafts/lifeboats etc.
  • Emergency kits including safety kits/ aid boxes/ medical equipment etc.
  • Survival kits for greater misfortunes like being trapped in the middle of oceans
  • Preventive safety kits for cargo blunders and mishaps
  • Emergency drinking water for life rafts as the oceans might be full of water but that is not drinkable
  • Emergency ration packs for survival
  • Every fire safety equipment from fire blankets to complete CO2 systems
  • Gas detection systems

Major equipment is necessary for emergency or tragic incidents. Such emergency cases require the latest technology’s help and the vessels with proper technology prove to be much more efficient and safer than others. Fremont never compromises on technology and therefore is one of the finest in providing the latest tech life jackets, lifebuoy self-igniting lights, light and smoke-producing devices, latest tech oxygen masks, and whatnot. Safety sign boards prove to be helpful whenever trapped in a complicated situation and such signs with no context are provided by Fremont just so the trapped personnel can mention their problem to other passers-by.

The regulatory requirements are being fulfilled daily by Fremont with the clients getting satisfied at every step of the way. Your vessels are fully equipped with every safety kit as per the requirements of the deadly ocean and its behaviours. Providing the finest quality is our responsibility. Contact Us

15 PPM Monitor

16 Person Davit Launched Life Raft


Chemical protection suit


Embarkation Ladders

Emergency liferaft drinking water 4x125ml LALIZAS

Emergency liferaft food ration 0,5 kg LALIZAS

Fire Blanket

Fire extinguisher bracket

Fire Fighter's Protective Suit

Fire Hose Coupling & Nozzle

Fireman Axe with Long Wooden Handle 2,8kg

Firemans Helmet SOLAS MED Approved

Fixed Gas Detection System

Flushmount Safety Rope Ladder

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